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Eddy Van Hemelrijck

has a Master in Applied Economic Sciences at the Antwerp University and an Executive Master in Business Administration of the Flanders Business School / NorthWestern University Chicago. He is a candidate PhD in Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University.

At the age of 23, he visited for the first time the former Soviet Union and China to set up barter trade for Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Johnson & Johnson company. He returned over 30 times to China to set up trade fairs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and to negotiate business deals, not only for J&J but also for a Belgian paper mill and for the fashion brand Kipling. As sales director Far East for this Belgian paper mill he travelled extensively to Eastern Europe and Japan, Korea and Taiwan. As Vice President worldwide sales for Kipling he opened the Japanese market for Kipling fashion bags, after negotiations which lasted for almost two years. Between 1999 and 2002 he spent on average 4 months a year abroad, from setting up distributorships in Australia and South-Africa, managing distributors in the Far East and the USA, opening markets in the Middle East and South and Latin America.

In 2003, feeling the need to be more at home with his young children and his wife, he entered the training and consulting world in Belgium. While working on his PhD in Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University with the dissertation “intercultural communication of sustainable business in multinationals”, he carried out assignments in sales, communication, coaching and leadership for Belgian and international companies. Since 2003 he is also a host professor at the Karel de Grote Business School in Antwerp where he lectures marketing, environmental economics, sustainable business and intercultural management. From September 2005 till July 2006, as a results of a consulting assignement, he became interim managing director of the energy consulting firm Cenergie. Between July 2006 and August 2007 he went on a sabbatical leave, traveling with his family around the world, visiting all continents and reporting for WWF Belgium. His dream is now to expand his company MAROR NV. He is also a founding partner of Emagine Life. Eddy is also a member of the Silver Raven network.


Xenia Orgielewski

has a Master in Economics at the Lessius University of Antwerp.


Xenia started her career end of the eighties in her father's export company. Her extensive language knowledge - besides the usual languages in Belgium such as French, English and Dutch, she speaks Polish and Hebrew - helped her a lot. In order to gain experience outside the family business, she decided in 1996 to join a pharmaceutical company as manager internal sales.


When a few years later she was asked to become export manager for a Belgian beer brewer Alken-Maes she did not hesitate. Soon her analytical capacities and her market feeling proved to be very valuable, making her switch to the marketing department, where she had different functions, her latest being market research manager.


After a sabbatical (a 13-months world tour with her family, see: she decided in 2010 to follow a full year course of train-the-trainer given the success of her husband's company for which she already worked quite some years behind the scene.


She wrote her dissertation about Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a method in which she recognizes for the full 100% her own positive, appreciative lifestyle. Since the beginning of 2011 she actively makes and runs training programs for a variety of customers.


In a short period of time Xenia has built a considerable track record of enthusiastic trainees and customers.


Xenia's strengths consist in guiding people in recognizing and appreciating their own talents and those of others, using AI. Inspiring others, teaching them to think (more) is truly one of her biggest passions.

She is also the founding partner of Emagine Life.





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