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In our today's society (too) much attention is being paid on solving problems: people tend to look to symptoms in stead of the whole. Starting from positive psycholgy, appreciative inquiry and system thinking we help with our trainings & workshops to get the best out of individuals, teams and organisations.


The starting point from Maror's vision is to respect life in all its aspects: respect for yourself, for others and for the environment. We also respect the past, work and live now, and learn from the future.


We do so by living according to the MAROR DADA® principles, based on the following 4 pillars:

  • Diversity: Each individual is unique.
  • Appreciation: Appreciate what is good, what works and provides life.
  • Dreaming: The path to self-realisation.
  • Action: Turn your words into actions, “Walk your talk”.


Our training and workshops are inspiring emotional and intellectual cocktails, to share and to enjoy. They are based on old wisdom and new insights, and trigger both the left as the right side of your brains.

MAROR DADA® principe

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